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We are proud to offer you a beautiful selection of Australian and international brands.


Makers of quality shoes for over 20 years, Gioseppo shoes embody the qualities that European shoes are loved for, good quality, attractive design and ethical sustainability. The Gioseppo brand is casual, modern, irreverent and lively. Their shoes are worn across Europe and throughout the world.
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Bold, brave and playful, the Naudic woman combines the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel — and loves every minute of it.

Naudic creator Emma Puttick’s love affair with fashion began when she was working in London (as a scientist, no less!). The bohemian styles of the Portobello Road markets were where she first got the taste of what has become the Naudic look. Add influences from travels through Sweden, India and South-East Asia and you have a label that’s bright, fun and eminently wearable.

Since Naudic’s first line of simple cotton embroideries in 2008, the brand has grown into a vibrant fashion and homewares label stocked in around 300 stockists across Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the USA and beyond.
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Behind the hectic, exciting and glamorous doors of Adrift, the number one priority is to bring you the ultimate online retail experience. The Adrift range of clothing, is  continually expanding – we are confident you will find something beautiful to wear.

Adrift is based in Brisbane, and run by wonderful ladies, making women feel confident and beautiful providing clothing that is cool, comfy and of course chic! for all ages and sizes

All products are designed in Brisbane and are sourced both locally and internationally.
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Kaja pronounced “Kaya” (meaning pure) is an Australian brand inspired by the designer’s Swedish heritage with Australian lifestyle values to create collections that are consistently wearable, Stylish for women of different shapes and sizes, taking on a contemporary lifestyle feel.

The designer has blended from the Australian lifestyle and Swedish quality and expression to shape the brand’s uniqueness, offering women modern, comfortable, feminine all day fashion. Bringing Swedish fashion concept of less is more in a laid back yet solicited way.

The designs and fabrics are beautiful!

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Ruby Yaya

Cas and Co. are so in love with Melissa’s designs. Melissa designs transcend body shape and age. So if you’re a tiny-weeny or a plus size lady there is something special in the collection for you!

Ruby Yaya celebrates the duo’s love of travel and artisanal products while promoting fair labour practices. Ruby Yaya is designed to offer countless combinations of effortless elegance. The Ruby Yaya brand targets an attitude rather than age and offers a refreshing sense of escape.

Its no wonder that this lifestyle brand that originated in Australia is now distributed internationally in U.S., U.K., Germany, Greece, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Dubai, N.Z. and Mauritius.

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The Holiday Trading Co.

The Holiday Trading Co. is the foundation brand of the Holiday Trading & Co Collective. The brand is the result of a global journey, influenced by the essence of travel and discovery and have been designed to embody a free-spirited style.  There are options perfect for relaxing poolside, must-have dresses and tops, stunning kaftans and maxis to take you from the beach to the bar.  Over time, other labels Talisman, the Shanty Corporation, Brave+True, Daisy Says, True North, Señorita these labels have developed, formed and created what has become known as  Holiday Trading & Co collective which are all designed in the small coastal town of Robe, South Australia.

These brands are designed for real people, real bodies and real lifestyles, Holiday want people to be able to afford to look amazing. Fashion should be fun, affordable and make you feel wonderful about yourself – every time you walk out the door.

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Creating Thoughtful Clothing alone isn’t enough. Thought value doing the right thing and want to feel good about everything you touch. That means Thought work ethically. From the fabrics  use, to how garments are design and made. They think about every impact the business has. And it’s with the greater aim of minimising their environmental footprint.

Thought proud support slow fashion, which is why theyndesign clothing intended to last. Its contemporary, easy-to-wear pieces will become your favourites.

Naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp are special. They’re not only free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, they’re often softer, stronger. And they’re always far kinder to the environment. (Amazing, right?) That’s why we only use these fabrics to craft our clothing. And Thought only ever get them from responsible sources.

They proudly embrace the spirit of innovation. And as their collections eexpand they also look to grow the range of sustainable fabrics used. Two recent additions are tencel and modal. These are loved for their sustainability credentials and how good they feel to wear.  They will keep looking for more new fabrics. And when they find them, you’ll be the first to know.

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Daisy Says – The Label.

Daisy Says, the label was found in 2018 by Rayna Hooper, who also founder of the Holiday Trading Company in 2009. The Daisy Says Label is inspired by the girl who is young at hear that wants to express her individuality and wants having a bit of uniqueness to every outfit. The Daisy Says Label has vintage coastal feel.

The latest Collection “South of the Boarder”,    features beautiful soft tones, linens, flax and cotton. “Daisy Says she ants to explore the hidden pathways that lead to the beach and the sundrenched huts that sit along the bards of Tulum…..So South of the boarder we go in search of a good time filled with fun and frivolity.

@casandco we love this collection and hope that you love it as much as we do.

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Threadz is an Australian Designed woman’s fashion label that was established in 2006, that design affordable fashion for a real sized women. The Threadz label carries sizes XS to XXXL (sizes 8-20).

Threadz understand that you maybe in need of a new dress or top for when your next event pops up so new styles are released every two weeks, so there is no excuse you will find something that will suit you, your event and your body shape.  Threadz graments are great wardrobe builders

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Kamare Collective

The Kamare Collective is a finely curated collection of beautiful dresses, blouses and matching co-ordinates that have been inspired and developed from global vintage elements and images.

The delicate silk prints have been searched for in the hidden back stock rooms of old silk houses in China and brought to life today and shaped into divinely feminine shapes for the modern woman.

Kamare is designed by Karen Reece who has worked in the Australian fashion industry for over 25years and has designed for some of the most beautiful labels in the industry. Now she is going it alone to give today’s woman that touch of vintage elegance and femininity that we all seek.

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Frank Lyman Designs

Frank Lyman is a Canadian Brand that manufactures some of their garments in Australian.   So chances are if you buy a Frank Lyman you are buying a garment made here in Australia!   Frank knew he had a passion for fashion and design from the moment he met his first customer.

At Cas. & Co we stock great pieces that will take you from day to night, these pieces are great to take away on holiday or to wear to most events and special occasions. We believe that Frank Lyman really knows women’s bodies and has something for everyone. We know that Frank Lyman Designs are stylish, on trend and have a ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ feel.

Let me assure you that you will feel fabulous and look like a celebrity wearing a Frank Lyman Design.

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The Shanty Corporations is an Australian label that launched in 2016, its all about luxurious resort wear, there are hand worked pieces, luxurious linens, natural fibers and artisan fabrics. The pieces in the Shanty Corporation collection are sustainable relaxed and chic. There is something for everyone in their sophisticated must have collections.

It is said, “The Shanty women is living life, confident and real with her choices, beautifully flawed a has a respectful take on the world”.

At Cas and Co. we love this lifestyle brand, its beautiful silhouettes, effortless resort chic style. Now go out in the world and make a difference.

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Lula Soul

At Cas and Co. we love the Lula Soul Designs, the designs are a combination of Resort Chic and Bohemian sophistication. Most of these designs are made from natural fibres, the fabrics are bright and fun to wear. What we really love is that most sheer pieces are either lined or have slips.

These garments inspire the imagination and our lust for travel, one outfit will have you walking out of the desert looking like a Bedouin Princess and another ready for cocktails at an exotic resort.

Lula Soul stocks may of their designs in plus sizes catering for the chic plus size lady. New Season stock is moving fast.

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The Talisman Label from the Holiday Trading Company is inspired by the lifestyle of the nomadic gypsy, each piece in this unique lifestyle Bohemian brand has been crafted from hand printed fabrics, beautiful vibrant light fabrics that are perfect for barmy nights and summer days.

It is said that the designer was inspired whilst in India contemplating the different customs, type and styles of Talisman around the world.

“Talisman comes in all form from across the world, but the one constant is that it is a symbol with a personal message to you. And that’s what makes it special”.

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Up Pants!

Wow these Up Pants technology has revolutionised pull on pants. These pants have the Thincredible fit because they are made from Thincredible fabric.  Up Pants! Are instantly sliming and are sleek and chic. 

Up Pants! Are designed in Canada and are made in Australia having the signature Up Pants! Waist band.  If you are looking for a chic pair of pull on pants or are wanting some tummy control Up Pants are Thincredible. 

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Rugged Hide Leather.

Rugged Hide Pride themselves on Ethical, Beautiful and Ageless, leather goods at affordable prices.  Having said that Rugged hide are proud of the finished products, their designs and collections. 

What I personally love about the brand is the ethical way in which they conduct their business and the suppliers they engage. Rugged Hide are constantly striving for cleaner lower environmental impact and are in the process of creating processes for greater social and economic difference for the makers of their products. Rugged Hides’ social, ethical and environmental commitment, both with their staff in Australia, as well as their overseas manufacturers is paramount. 

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Not Heidi

“not heidi”is an independent, small label that reinterprets traditional tribal jewellery into beautiful contemporary pieces with a modern twist.   Each piece is made by hand, combining unique elements like vintage coins, bells, beads, and traditionally handcrafted amulets on natural leather and cords.  the handcrafted nature of each element means that no two pieces are exactly the same. 

“not heidi“ has borrowed design elements from different tribal regions around the world, “not heidi” supports the continuation of love for these pieces,  whilst making them wearable for our modern lifestyle.          

inspired by the coast, “not heidi” created by the sea in Sydney, Australia. 

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Eb and Ive.

Eb & Ive curates beautiful ranges of clothing, accessories and selection of homewares. Created for your modern woman, each item embraces a casual, ready to wear feel that is suitable for all occasions. Nothing short of your ‘must-have staple pieces’ and ‘go-to basics,’ Eb &Ive embraces simplicity with an edge, accentuating the female spirit that highlights your confidence. The ranges are always inspirational, versatility and practicality for the modern woman. 

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Maho Sensory

Honouring the ancient art of burning, MAHŌ Sensory Sticks are a captivating addition to the rituals that create a space of meditation and coming home.  Bringing a little bit of magic into your space. 

MAHŌ is a Melbourne lifestyle label with a big focus on design and sensory refinement  

The MAHŌ product is an innovation to the classic incense, combine natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes – creating a collection of contemporary home fragrances. MAHŌ is spreading a little magic by sharing the powerful transcendent qualities of scent and smoke that induce calm and relaxation. These sensory sticks deliver a sophisticated scent throughout, a truly luxurious fragrance. 

Pair MAHŌ Sensory Sticks with minimalist home décor, embody the experience with your morning meditation, or fade into a dreamy journey across the seas. 

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Salus Body

Saulus Body are creators spa inspired products are made in Australia with natural plant extracts, powerful botanicals and 100% pure essential oils.  The Salus range of home spa products have been developed to help you relax and enjoy experiences that calm the mind and nourish the body. 


The Salus Body range is the best of spa collection created to help you stop, relax and reconnect to the natural rhythms of life.  The Salus Body high performance formulations are therapeutically active. They contain powerful botanicals that work to reduce premature aging, natural plant extracts that assist with increasing hydration and pure essential oils that create the optimum in health and wellbeing.  The Salus Body range includes hand creams, moisturisers, facial spritzersbody oils and many more.  The Salus Body ranges  contains nartificial colours or fragrance, sodium laureth sulphatesglycols parabens or mineral oils. 


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