Eb and Ive

We love everything about the Eb and Ive Brand.  This brand encourages your individual creativity in an effortless way .  The brand is Inspired by living adventurously and all things creative, eb&ive habecome a well known Australian label known for their sophisticated design and hig-quality products. 

Eb & ive curates beautiful ranges of clothing, accessories and selection of homewares. Created for your modern woman, each item embraces a casual, ready to wear feel that is suitable for all occasions. Nothing short of your ‘must-have staple pieces’ and ‘go-to basics,’ Eb &Ive embraces simplicity with an edge, accentuating the female spirit that highlights your confidence. The ranges are always inspirational, versatility and practicality for the modern woman. 

Eb and Ive are one of those organisations that takes their ethical, environmental and social values seriously and puts their money where their mouth is.  By keeping their footprint small and working with smaller family owned factories they have more control of how their products are produced.  The owner makes regular visits to check all the facilities that manufacture their apparel homewares and jewellery . 

Just like Nelson Mandella, Eb and Ive believe “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children”, and are supporting children and their families oversees through sponsorship. 

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