Hello Ladies,

Today we will be talking about the famous and very useful French Tuck, Half Tuck and Side Knot techniques. Confused? Well, don’t be, because we are here to help and explain all you need to know! These simple fashion tips will help to take the attention away from tummies, hips and bottoms.

The French Tuck also known as the Half Tuck or One Hand Tuck is is an easy styling tip of tucking in only the front of your garment whether it be a t shirt, button up shirt, or oversized knit. The French Tuck has been popularised in recent times by fashion Guru, Tan France, on Netflix’s Queer Eye.

The French Tuck is simply the art of tucking in a garment at the front while leaving the back loose and sides untucked creating a drape effect. According to France, this simple tucking technique, instantly adds polish to any look and helps to add balance to your silhouette.

Another variation to the French Tuck is the Half Tuck. This tip involves one side of the front of the garment to be tucked in and one side to be worn out. It sort of resembles the look as if one was called to an emergency half way through getting dressed but it works for some people!

Finally, we have the Side Knot Technique. As it’s name suggests this is where an oversized T Shirt or knit for instance, is tied in a knot at the side and then draped over your tummy and bottom at the back removing the attention from those areas we would rather keep hidden from public view!


Front Tuck

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