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Lets explore the topic of Jean styles. Have you ever gone shopping for jeans and broken out in a cold sweat at the sheer variety of styles available? It can be a daunting task indeed! Consequently, we thought we would help out with an explanation of the styles we stock at Cas and Co to help you make sense of it all.


Recently, teenagers and those on Tik Tok have given Skinny Jeans the big thumbs down saying that they are ‘old’ preferring Straight leg, Boot cut or Flares. Well, I say Skinny Jeans will always be a wardrobe staple and here are a few reasons why. Skinny Jeans give the wearer the illusion of being long and lean with the allure of a feminine silhouette if you pair them with the right tops and footwear for your shape and height. The trick with dressing for your shape is to cover up the parts you don’t like so much and accentuate the things you love. Kimonos over the top of Skinny Jeans are perfect for dressing for your shape. Skinny Jeans are also terrific for vertically challenged people because they are easy to take or tuck up. Shorter people can also show off their beautiful shoes with Skinny Jeans!


Unlike Bootcut Jeans of the past which featured a hip hugging waist today’s Bootcut Jean features a figure flattering high waist as well as a smaller flare than earlier versions. As it’s name suggests, it will pair perfectly with your favourite boots or a pointed toe shaped shoe for a more on trend look.

The great thing about the Bootcut is that it looks great on every shape. The longer leg of this style of jean gives the appearance of extra long legs and with the their slight flare gives the illusion of a narrow waist and hips. This added length is excellent for tall women but also with the right heels or heeled boots, it gives petite women a taller look.


Straight Leg Jeans are a fabulous option for nearly all body types. They are known for being comfortable, casual and providing a fit that compliments a variety of shapes and styles. Straight Leg Jeans are a style that maintain a consistent leg width from top to bottom and do not taper near the ankle. Straight Leg Jeans are more forgiving than Skinny Jeans as it is a cut that creates a straight visual line along the leg which helps to hide wide hips and heavy thighs therefore slimming your silhouette.


Flared Jeans are universally figure flattering. The extra volume at the bottom of the leg makes your legs look longer and flatters every shape. Ladies who carry their weight mostly on their hips, thighs, and bottoms look great in Flares. The cut helps to create an hourglass shape as well as smooth and elongate legs. In short, Flares are perfect for balancing out hips and thighs.

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